Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Angela's Dad Passing Away

Angela and her Dad on his 90th birthday
Early our Monday morning (Sunday morning in Texas), we heard that Angela's Dad had passed away. He was 94 years old.  The possibility of this happening while we were gone was one of our concerns preparing for another mission.  We decided that given the distance, that we would not come back home.  And while this sounded good in theory, it was really hard for us (especially Angela), to not want to jump on a plane and go home.  As Angela said to me, "it's a good thing the mission president has our passports, or I'd be on a plane today."  Fortunately for technology, we were able to reach all our sons and let them know about his passing.  Some of them had already heard.  All of them are trying to be there to represent our family and participate in the funeral service.  Despite his often cantankerous spirit, we loved Grandpa Hare and will miss him.  We truly believe he is in a better place, and has been able to leave the frailities of this mortal life behind.

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