Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our 1 Month Anniversary

Today we celebrate being in the mission field one month.  To be honest, it has felt like a long time coming because of our steep learning curve, the start of a new semester for the local universities and trade schools (which drives the PEF loan process), and getting use to our new home.  Now that school has started and we have learned many of the processes for our calling, I expect things will go quicker and more smoothly.  Elder and Sister Roos, who we are replacing will be flying home on the 27th.  They have been such a help in learning about the Perpetual Education Fund and other responsibilities we are taking on.  We know they are excited to be back with their family after 18 months, but we will be sorry to see them leave.

We have our area coordinators from Auckland, New Zealand coming next week to give us some additional training.  This is probably better than if we had stayed a few days in Auckland before we came here, because now we can ask intelligent questions (I hope).  I'll let you know next week...
I am continually amazed at the flower arrangements at church each Sunday

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